Braun 3040s Review: A Budget-friendly Electric shaver

Can a cheap electric shaver provide quality?

Let me understand your definition of quality first.

Many people are overwhelmed by expensive and high-end shavers with smart features.

But, the truth is, most of us actually need a basic shaver. And, price doesn’t explain the quality at all.

If you are utterly confused after hearing that, look at this Braun shaver and read my Braun 3040s review to discover a marvelous invention of German engineering for daily grooming!

Braun 3040s: Technical specification

Here you check all the technical features of Braun 3040s Series 3 electric shaver at a glance:

  • Braun’s Series 3 electric shaver
  • Specialized Micro-comb
  • Pressure sensitive blades
  • Built-in precision trimmer
  • Powered by NiMH batteries
  • 5 minutes quick-charge facility
  • LED battery indicators
  • 100% waterproof up to 5 meters
  • Dimensions: 6.1 x 2.2 x 8.7 inches
  • Weight: 12.5 ounce

Braun Series 3 ProSkin Overview

My shaving experience

I personally prefer Braun’s products because of their technological advancement. Each model by Braun is designed for particular purposes. For instance, Braun 3040s is engineered for cutting short hairs efficiently. They even tested this shaver on three days beard and found a prominent result.

Braun 3040s Review

I have tried this shaver like a regular consumer and want to reveal my honest opinion.

If you want an electric shaver for close shaving, this won’t let you down I believe. Generally, foil shavers are better for a close shave and I found excellent closeness and comfort while usage.

You can enjoy both wet and dry shave using Braun 3040s. But, personally I found outstanding results at dry shaving. I tried wet shave as well and sensed super smoothness on my skin as well as close skin contact.

Besides, it didn’t cause any hair pulling and tugging or irritation. I hope you also should not experience razor burn or irritation if not you have serious skin sensitivity.

The shaver performed quite well at capturing and cutting short facial hair, but I needed several passes while cutting the longer hairs. I knew it, because it works extraordinary on short hairs rather than longer.

One more thing you should know that 3040s may seem a laud electric shaver. Even, it can vibrate a bit more unless you can grip it properly.

While this is a budget product, I didn’t look for incredible performances like high-end electric shavers. In short, I am glad enough comparing to my expectations.

Advanced shaving technologies

Braun 3040s is rude on beard but gentle on your skin. This series 3 electric shaver is cheap as well as efficient with advanced shaving technologies.

Series 3 3040s Electric Shaver with Precision Trimmer, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry Foil Shaver

SensoFoil, a patented metal mesh by Braun is offered to read your facial curves and to save your facial skin from the ultra sharp blades. Besides, the attached blades are pressure sensitive ensuring maximum skin comfort.

You will have a faster shaving experience due to the Micro-comb technology that captures more hairs from a single pass. And, the ProSkin thin foil let you reach the shaving head to stiff areas.

I believe the shaver is a wonderful combination of comfort and advanced mechanism.

100% waterproof and washable

Many people like shaving in the bath. That’s why the need for waterproof shavers is raising.

Braun 3040s is entirely waterproof with IPX7 protection. The code is a testing standard meaning the shaver is totally submersible.

This model is totally watertight up to 5 meters which is officially announced by Braun. So don’t worry either you use it in the bath or wash the whole body of the shaver under any faucet.

Premium NiMH battery

Braun 3040s is a rechargeable shaver equipped with two NiMH batteries. The benefits of NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) over traditional Li-ion are many. NiMH batteries are typically expensive because of their durability, heat-resistance, higher energy density and eco-friendliness.

The offered NiMH batteries take 60 minutes to be fully recharged and perform high-peak shaving for 45 minutes. If you are busy and need a single shave, 5 minutes of quick-charge is enough.

What comes in the box?

Braun 3040s Box

You seem curious! So, no more delay. In the box, you will find four objects. One of them is the shaver of course, but let me tell you about the others. I have found an extra blade head. It is recommended to replace the foil and blades every 12 months to have the premium performance for a long time.

For recharging the battery, a power cable is offered, usable into regular type A sockets. Besides, there is a small brush to cleaning the head dry.

Unfortunately, no travel or storage pouch was offered.

Who should buy this?

Braun 3040s is an entry level high quality electric shaver. This model fits well for teenagers, or someone who is purchasing electric shaver for the first time, or a buyer with a very tight budget. If you are an experienced user of an electric shaver, you may not be impressed with the performance. I recommend this shaver of beginner users only.


  • A very efficient model of Braun’s series 3 at a low price
  • Patented unique technologies are included
  • Causes no pulling, tugging and irritation
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Provides the maximum comfort possible
  • Performs high-peak shaving until the end of the battery
  • Fully washable, lightweight and easy to grab


  • This basic electric shaver is designed for regular grooming only
  • No smart and automated features are available
  • Doesn’t perform well on longer hairs
  • No travel pouch is offered with the package

Final words

Have you read my Braun 3040s review entirely? When I received this great shaver and had several trials, my definition of quality completely changed due to its outstanding performance. This model is well-equipped with satisfactory basic shaving components. Finally, I can say with confidence that you can still have high quality electric shavers in a tight budget and Braun 3040s is an ideal pick among them.