7 Best Women’s Electric Razor for Coarse Hair Review in 2021

Best Women's Electric Razor to Shave Coarse Hair

Clear and smooth skin is a natural desire of every woman. Coarse hair is the main barrier of having smooth and hair free skin. Waxing, using disposal or go-to-razor are old, time consuming and irritating methods. But electric razors specially made for coarse hair can keep you tension free. These razors help you to get … Read more

What causes itchy skin in the elderly?

Itchy skin problem & solution for old people

Itching, also known as Pruritus is a very prosaic irritation we all experience in our life. From children to elders, we suffer from this annoyance and scratch our skin to get a quick alleviation. Elder people who are at 65 or over can have it due to rash and other skin conditions. Besides, it may … Read more

Shaver vs Trimmer : which one is right for you?

Differences between Shaver a Trimmer

Statistics say that about 80% of men worldwide shave every day. Man and women are more inquisitive than ever about their personal grooming. People today really want to look good without unwanted hairs and a shaver or a trimmer is their best grooming mate. Fundamentally, a shaver and a trimmer are the same things. But … Read more

How long does razor burn last?

Explanation of razor burn

Razor burn is one of the most familiar skin complications usually happens after shaving. Almost every adult man and women have experienced razor burn in their life, though they are totally curable. Do you know how long does razor burn last? In this write-up, I will cover its answer, causes behind razor burn, prevention and … Read more