Braun 3080s review: Top Quality Electric Wet\Dry Shaver

Meet the new member of Braun’s Series 3 family, the optimistic 3080s! Undoubtedly, an electric shaver is a chum of a man when it helps you performing close and comfortable shave almost every day. Series 3 is the famous basic shaver brand by Braun, providing prime shavers at a decent price for years. My Braun 3080s review will disclose the proficiency of this latest generation shaver that seriously worth buying for regular grooming.

Braun 3080s Specification

Let’s find out at a glance what the new series 3 3080s comes with.

  • Braun Series 3 shaver
  • MicroComb technology
  • Triple Independent floating cutting element
  • SensoFoil™ optimized
  • Multiple shaving mode
  • headlock function
  • Wet and dry shaving
  • 100% waterproof

MicroComb and SensoFoil technology

Braun 3080s review

Braun is always chary of providing quality products. Though the series 3 is a basic shaver brand of Braun, I find them the best value of money for delivering awesome shaving experience. The 3080s is one of the latest generation shavers of series 3 in which Braun has put in some modern technologies.

To perform better and faster than the earlier models, the 3080s comes with MicroComb technology. Get a more clean and polished face in every shave. The MicroComb catches and puts more hair into the cutting parts from every stroke to ensure a perfectly close shave, cruel even on 3 days beards!

At the same time, the SensoFoil gives the shaving performance a boost. I noticed that the shaving head is designed with a three-blade cutting system including two outer micro-foil and a trimmer foil in the middle. Moreover, each foil moves solo offering extreme shaving flexibility that adapts every facial curve.

Shaving comfort

If you ever had a Braun shaver, you know how excellent it feels on the skin! I am talking about the comfort that everyone desires during shaving. Let me avow that the 3080s causes 30% less irritation on the skin than any rotary shaver and remarkably smoother than the previous series 3 models. No matter you shave wet or dry, it’s a superb electric shaver for daily grooming.

The 3080s is engineered for intensely close shaving and to provide comfort both during and after shaving. A particular feature that draws my glance is the head-lock function. This lets you lower or locks the foil into place. You can now shave difficult to reach and tricky areas with the head-lock function by applying accurate pressure as well as making more resistance.

Design & Material

I never had a complaint about the manufacturing materials of series 3. All the body of the 3080s is wrapped around with the finest waterproof materials. The textured rubber on its body eliminates accidental slip during the shave and provides you more shaving control.

Braun’s 3080s looks a little different from the previous series 3 models. Though the appearance is nothing exceptional, yet the design is very stylish and ergonomic.

Cleaning and maintenance

If you want an electric shaver to last longer and stay like new, cleaning and proper maintenance is crucial. Since cleaning is related to personal hygiene, never neglect that. I strongly recommend removing all dirt from your razor carefully after every shave.

Unfortunately, the 3080s has no automated cleaning system. So, manual cleaning is the only way to go. Simply hold the shaver head under a faucet to rinse it. You don’t have to fear the leakage issues since the shaver is 100% waterproof.

You can use liquid soap for deep cleaning as well. Put two or three drops of liquid soap on the foil and run the shaver for a few seconds. Then rinse it under running water. Braun offers a small cleaning brush to remove hairs from the inner side of the shaver. But, don’t apply it directly on the foil.

Battery performance

My perception of the battery is neither good nor bad. At first, the 3080s is recommender to use cordless only. You can have an electric shock if you try it corded. You can recharge the shaver by plugging the cord directly or using the charging stand.

A Ni-MH battery powers the shaver around 45 minutes after 1 hour of recharging. You can recharge it even 5 minutes for a single quick shaving.

The benefits of Ni-MH batteries are heat resistance, longer life than Li-ion and eco-friendliness. They usually don’t get dull after a few months.

You can be aware of the battery level by looking at the three-level LED indicator. When it gets red, it’s time to recharge again.


In the box, you will find the shaver, a case for traveling or storing, a charging stand, a charging cord, and a brush for inside dirt removing. That’s all! But, Braun should have offered a protective cap and a lubricant bottle I believe.

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3080s Accessories

Who should buy it?

Like other series 3 shavers, this electric razor is designed for beginners. Braun 3080s is an excellent budget shaver if you are looking for a basic shaver for regular use. It is one of my top suggested shavers for having an ultra close and comfortable shave at a cheap price.

The positive and negative

The performance of the 3080s is superb if I consider the price range and the targeted market. But, some features could be a little better as a new generation shaver.


  • Latest generation shaver in Braun series 3
  • Enjoy faster shaving with the MicroComb
  • 30% less irritation than rotary shavers
  • Ultimate flexibility with the intelligent SensoFoil
  • High quality material
  • Easy to grip
  • Quick recharge to save extra time
  • Essential accessories for proper maintenance
  • Very travel friendly


  • Some users may find it too much loud.
  • Battery run-time could be a little longer if I compare it with other brands at the same price.
  • Some users may not like it if they are used to rotary shaver.
  • It needs extra attention while cleaning the foil.

Final words

The brief of my Braun 3080s review is that the shaver is well equipped more than enough for basic shaving. Moreover, some advanced features have been included for fetching your shaving experience to the next level. If you desire agility, reliance and comfort in every shaving, you will rarely find something good in this price range. No need to jumble again!