Braun Series 7 790cc review: Best of the Best

Are you one of those guys who are too busy to maintain proper grooming every day? Perhaps, I have found something incredible for you. The series 7 by Braun is fully packed with the latest technology, comfort and elegance. From my experience and hours of research, finally I found it and wrote the Braun series 7 790cc reviews for men who are insanely busy or always on the go.

The 790cc specification

The series 7 by Braun combines power and comfort. Check the features to realize how efficient the 790cc is.

  • Sonic technology with 10000 micro-vibration
  • Smart Autosensing motor
  • Super close OptiFoil
  • 8 direction (8D)shaving head
  • 4 specialized shaving elements
  • 5 personalized shaving modes
  • ActiveLift trimmer
  • Automatic Clean & Charge station
  • Cleaning cartridge and brush
  • Li-ion battery with 50 minutes cordless shaving
  • 5 minute quick recharge function
  • Worldwide adaptive charger
  • Premium LED screen with clean reminder
  • 100% waterproof up to 5 meters
  • Wet and dry shaving
  • Travel case

Want to know some in detail? Keep reading the next unique points I found in it and wrote elaborately.

Braun Series 7 790cc review

Sonic and Autosense technology

Foil shavers are incredibly comfortable for close shaving. And, Braun has put forward the trend to the next level. I like the OptiFoil and specialized blades of 790cc for super close shaving. Altogether, they are capable to cut even 0.05mm hairs without causing damage and irritation on the skin. The intelligent sonic technology generates 10000 micro-vibrations to capture and cut more hairs from a single stroke to eliminate repeated passes. Moreover, this smart shaver is equipped with an Autosensing motor that can read your beard density and adjust the power itself accordingly.

5 personalized modes

Braun cares about shaving comfort. Though the 790cc comes with auto sensing technology, they have added 5 more personalized shaving modes to make it more powerful and gentle on your skin. You can switch your preferred setting following the beard type and density by pushing the mode button placed on the front side.

Auto Clean & Charge station

How pleasing it is when this smart shaver cleans and recharges itself on the automation Clean & Charge station! I love this feature in every smart shaver of series 7 because it saves a lot of time and makes the shaver feel like brand new. The station along with the cleaning cartridge removes all dirt completely and lubricates inside to make it active for the next shave. Besides, it recharges the Li-ion battery of the shaver at the same time within one hour.

Analog format LED

One for the most unique feature of 790cc is the LED screen. I have never seen an LED attached to the bottom of a shaver that seems very awkward. Even, some users may feel uncomfortable to check the LED screen. I didn’t like the placement at all, but it provides detail information about the battery status and hygiene alert in an analog format. The shaver provides up to 50 minutes of cordless shaving and you can check the battery level on the screen. Besides, when you see the hygiene level is down, it’s time to clean the shaver.

The shaving test

I have had a series 7 shaver before. So I already knew what to expect. Before writing this Braun series 7 790 review, I have trialed it several times. Well, the most unique advantage of a series 7 is the gentleness on the skin, and it did an awesome job for me. It provided one of the closest shaves I ever had.

The foil was capturing my beards without pulling and I didn’t need to glide the shaver several times on the same spot like regular shavers for a close shaving outcome.

Well, I felt a little difficult to reach under the nose area. The head seemed a little bigger for me.

I felt some switching while shaving, maybe for the autosensing motor. I manually changed the turbo settings as well, but didn’t find noticeable changes. Besides, it didn’t generate heat while shaving, a good sign indeed!

I tested it both in wet and dry situation and the result was the same as my expectation. It didn’t cause any leakage while I tested it in the bath. It means 790cc is totally washable.

I recharged it for 5 minutes to verify if the quick-charge really worked. It was OK. And, it kept the peak power until the battery entirely consumed. After a complete experiment, I put the shaver on the Clean & Charge station. It automatically removed all dirt and got fully recharged again within 1 hour.

Personally, I didn’t like the design at all, especially for the LED screen. But, it was very comfortable to hold. Overall, the 790cc is excellent!


Who should buy it?

Braun 790cc is one of my highly recommended shavers. It will suit you best when you desire a close and gentle shave, want smart features at an affordable price and don’t want something that consumes a lot of time for maintenance. Getting this shaver can be a wise decision if you are always in a hurry.

The positive and negative

I believe Braun 790cc is an excellent shaver except for some ordinary issues.


  • Includes advanced sonic and autosensing technologies.
  • Provides fast as well as super comfortable shave
  • Automatic Clean & Charge station to make life easier.
  • Usable in both wet and dry shaves.
  • Ergonomic design for more control and comfort
  • Ideal for travelers containing a carrying pouch and accessories.
  • Longer battery life


  • The shaving head may seem extra large to some users like me.
  • You have to be tricky to hold the shaver if you want to check the LED screen frequently.
  • A little bit expensive. May not be suitable for a tight budget.

Final words

Now, it’s time for the verdict. Braun 790cc is one of the famous shavers worldwide. It feels like a high-end shaver but doesn’t cost that much. If you were using a basic electric shaver for years and want to try something smart in a decent budget, look no farther anymore.