Best Electric Razor for Teenager : First Time Shaving 2021

Hey, first-timer you finally decided to go for a razor. Are you a beginner user the question arises in the middle? But you should face the situation because some people are always barking like dogs.

As a fresher, my day with a razor was worst. I suffered numerous neck and check cuts during shaving with a poor selecting razor. A younger person like you should go only for the best electric shaver for teenagers.

Today the new era flashing all brand new best razor for first time shavers. No panic for harsh shaving again. Now you will get a smooth and unlimited shaving experience with active safeguard.

Choosing the first electric shaver is a bit difficult as like climb on Steep Mountain. From a lot of brands and my bitter experience I short out those electric razor bellow especially for the beginners. So, don’t let others eat your younger heads just read through and suggest others suffering like you.

Top 6 Best Electric Razor for Teenager

Razor ModelRun TimePrice
Philips Norelco 9300 S9311/8750 MinCheck Price
Panasonic Arc4 ES8243AA45 MinCheck Price
Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 – AT830/4150 MinCheck Price
Panasonic Arc3 ES8103SEnd of the batteryCheck Price
Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s45 MinCheck Price
Philips Norelco 4100 AT810/4150 MinCheck Price

1. Philips Norelco 9300 S9311/87

If you ask me to suggest the best electric razor for teenagers, I would seriously prefer Norelco S9311/87. You know that Norelco 9000 is the most advanced shaver series by Philips and this model is one of the beasts.

Best Electric Razor for Beginners

For the cool looking, this razor was the winner of the IF design award in 2015. You never have to slide it twice on the same spot as the shaver is specially designed for close and comfortable shaving. The closeness was tested on 3 days beard and it did so well.

I believe this electric razor is entirely unique to others in the list due to the customization facility. It offers 3-speed settings including Slow, Medium and Fast.

When you wish for a skin-friendly shaving with less irritation, set it to Slow. For an in-depth shave, set it to the Medium speed. If you have a dense beard as a teen boy, set the speed to the Fast mode for power shaving. This personalization has made it an awesome shaving kit for teenagers indeed. Enjoy both wet and dry shave with the built-in AquaTec technology. You can use this waterproof shaver in the shower as well.

For collecting hairs in the ideal position and providing superior contour, the V tract precision blade system helps to capture up to 20% more hair and 30% close shaving. You will have the perfection in almost every shave due to the self-sharpening blades day after day.

An best electric razor for teenager boy should gently follow the facial curves. That’s why Philips offers 8 directions (8D) contour detect technology where each shaving head can pass separately.

After 1 hour of recharging, you can enjoy 50 minutes of cordless shaving powered by a powerful Li-ion battery. Besides, 5 minutes of quick charge is perfect for a single shave.

You never have to count the shaving time manually. The multi-level LED comes with an advanced user interface that lets you check the battery status, cleaning reminder, head replacement alert and travel lock indication.

As a teenager, you may not feel good with cleaning annoyance. Let its SmartClean solution reduce your cleaning hassle by automatically clean, lubricate, dry and recharge it. The automated cleaning system contains Less than 5% Anionic Surfactant, 2- Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin and Perfume for refreshing you every time.

You may ask about what comes in the box. Philips wants to make you smile. They offer SmartCleaning system, SmartClick precision trimmer, cleaning cartridge, power cord and a travel case when you are on the go. The deluxe case has a built-in ventilation chamber that keeps the razor always dry while traveling.


  • High-end shaver with excellent accuracy
  • Personalized shaving settings
  • Smart and automated cleaning
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Complete pack for travelers


  • Quite expensive for teenage users
  • A little heavy compared with other model

2. Panasonic Arc4 ES8243AA

The ES8243AA is one of the best bald head shaver as well as suitable for all kinds of skins. I have to suggest this razor for any young shaver who has skin sensitivity. Understanding the distinction of beard density this razor adjusts the cutting power on the spot using the built-in shaving sensor.

Panasonic Arc4 ES8243AA

You will have 1.5 times faster shaving as it comes with a high-performance linear motor drive that delivers 13000 CPM. Besides, Panasonic has used Multi-fit Arc foil for maximizing your shaving comfort.

I am amazed by the cutting power of this super razor. For ensuring the extreme cutting power and accuracy, Panasonic has equipped it with a Flex foil cutting system with 4 ultra-sharp hypoallergenic blades. You can cut the beard more efficiently with the help of the precision-honed 30° Nanotech blades.

The shaving head of electric razor for teens needs to glide smoothly following facial contours. You will get a super flexible pivoting head with ultra-thin Arc foil as well. Thus, it let you shave quick and comfortably over the chin, neck and jaw.

Like a rotary shaver, you can slide it side to side and back & forth, and even circular motion to lift and position hairs. The built-in pop up trimmer helps to detail mustaches, beard and sideburns for the perfect finish.

The sleek and ergonomic design looks very smart. You can comfortably hold and operate the shaver with Panasonic sure-grip handle. You can have 45 minutes of cordless shaving by recharging the shaver for 1 hour at most. Besides, It maintains the peak power up to the end of the battery.

The 10 stages blue illuminated LCD seems advanced. It will let you know about shave timer, battery indicator, cleaning reminder, and blade and foil replacement reminder.

It comes with universal voltage adaptation including an AC charger and travel pouch. So, as a teen shaver, you should not worry when you are far from home.

The shaver is 100% waterproof. You can use it in the shower and rinse it under running water using the Sonic vibration cleaning mode. Cleaning it regularly will make it fresh like new.

You shouldn’t use the blade and foil when they get dull. You can purchase such additional accessories on Amazon.


  • Advanced skin protection
  • Faster performance than regular shavers
  • Advanced LCD interface
  • Sonic vibration cleaning mode
  • High quality foil and blades


  • Some users may feel the head extra large
  • Battery life could be better comparing the price

3. Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 – AT830/41

Norelco is one of the most popular electric shaver brand, manufactured by Philips. I believe it one of the best shaver for teenager because it is particularly designed for smoothness. With this rotary-style shaver, you can shave any way you want.

Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 – AT830/41

Rotary head shavers are famous for their cutting power thick hair very quickly. For lifting and cutting dense hair, it offers patented Super Lift and Cut dual-blades.

As a teenager, you may not need to shave every day. That is why I recommend this electric shaver for teenagers and irregular users.

This Norelco shaver let you shave with or without your preferred shaving cream, foam or gel with the included AquaTec wet and dry shaving technology.

Trimming thick hair around the corner of the jaw and hard to reach area like neck can be irritating using regular razors. But, its unique Dual Precision shaving system can cut both longer and shorter hair stubble with great comfort. The built-in skin protection system limits your aftershave skin irritation as well.

For delivering a perfect teenage shaving, its flex and the floating head follows contour for your face and keeps close skin contact while shaving. The pivoting low-friction head provides a gentle and fast shaving experience.

Besides, it comes with a built-in pop up trimmer for regular facial hair grooming like trimming the sideburns and defining your mustaches. The shaver is 100% waterproof and you can use it for shaving while shower.

Cleaning the shaver is quite easy. Just rinse it in running water under any faucet. Philips provides a cleaning brush too with the product.

This electric razor is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that needs 1 hour of full charging for 50 minutes of cordless shaving. But, if you are in a rush, recharge the shaver for 3 minutes only for a cordless shaving. You will never face the dullness of the power till the end of the battery charge.

I suggest never shaving with the razor if you notice the head gets dull. For the best shaving experience, replace the shaving head every 12 months with the HQ8 replacement head.


  • Famous for smoothness
  • Patented unique technologies
  • Ideal for dense beard
  • Long lasting battery for cordless shaves
  • Low friction head for extra gentleness


  • The model has no automated cleaning station
  • Some user may face irritation due to skin sensitivity

4. Panasonic Arc3 ES8103S

Let me share one of the fastest 2 in 1 best electric shavers for teenager in this list. This Arc3 model can deliver up to 1.5 faster shavings operated by 13000 CMP motor. Surely it saves your time as well as causes no hair tugging and pulling while shaving.

Panasonic Arc3 ES8103S

Panasonic has included an advanced cutting system with 3 Nanotech ultra-sharp stainless steel blades that can cut facial hair up to 30-degree angle.

For sensitive skin case, they provided hypoallergenic blades and foils that helps reducing irritation on the skin.

You can glide the shaver on your face from side to side; up and down motion with the Panasonic flexible pivoting head. The specially designed ultra-thin Arc foil can read your face contour for quick and smooth shaving on the face, chin, neck and jaw.

You can use it for both wet and dry shaves. The shaver is totally waterproof and even useable in the shower as well. For detailing your mustaches, beard and sideburns perfectly at home, a pop up trimmer is included.

This shaver is powered by a strong battery that maintains the highest performance up to the end of charge. Excluding any complication, it will notify you about battery status, cleaning reminder, charging and sonic cleaning mode through the illuminated LCD battery indicator.

For proper cleaning, use the sonic vibration cleaning mode that generates a sonic wave, gives extra cleaning power and removes stubble from the head perfectly. You can simply clean it by rinsing under running water as well. Panasonic provides a tour pouch for teenage shavers who travel a lot.

This electric razor for the teen is extremely durable for a long time. But, Panasonic shavers need to replace blades and foil when they get dull. You can easily purchase those accessories on Amazon.


  • 2 in 1 razor for teens
  • High CPM motor for fast shaving
  • Advanced hair cutting technologies
  • Sonic vibration cleaning system
  • Ideal for travelers


  • It may cause a little extra noise
  • It offers no automated cleaning solution

5. Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

If you fear the aftershave irritation and want to minimize it, then Braun 3040s is one of the best electric razor for teenage guys. It goes straight with a powerful stroke so that you don’t have to circle over the same spot twice. I recommend this Braun shaver if you are going to purchase your first electric razor for teenager.

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

For providing the maximum comfort while shaving, it comes with 3 pressure-sensitive shaving elements including SenoFoil, a patented metal mesh by Braun. The particular foil protects your skin from the ultra-sharp blades provided. Its Micro-comb was tested on 3 days beard and they seemed to capture more hair in each stroke. This will definitely provide a faster and secure shaving for any teen user.

You can shape your sideburns, mustaches and beard with super accuracy due to its built-in precision trimmer. No need to worry if you want to shave on difficult to reach facial areas like under the nose.

Unexpected shaving accidents are very common in first shaving kit for teenager. However, you have less chance of slipping this electric shaver because of the ergonomic grip with a rubber dot pattern. It gives you secure handling and helps you hold the shaver 90-degree angle for the perfect result.

You have to wait 1 hour for recharging its long life NiMH battery for 45 minutes of cordless shaving. A quick-charge for 5 minutes only is sufficient for 1 shave on a busy day.

The shaver is 100% waterproof up to 5 meters. So, you can enjoy both wet and dry shaves, even in the shower. Cleaning the shaver doesn’t require much time. Just rinse it under running water – that’s it. You will get a cleaning brush with the set as well.

Teenagers who travel a lot will have extra facilities due to the Smart Plug, featuring automatic voltage adjustment (100 to 240 V) worldwide. I have to warn you about the unexpected electric shock! Never use it corded or exchange or manipulate any part of it. Besides, do not use it if the trimmer gets damaged.


  • Cheap but ultra-powerful
  • Highly recommended as a first shaver for teenager
  • Smart Plug for worldwide voltage adjustment
  • Skin protector foil
  • Advanced pressure-sensitive elements


  • Some users may feel the head extra large
  • Shaving head doesn’t adjust the contour of the face that good

6. Philips Norelco 4100 AT810/41

Philips Norelco AT810 is one of the best electric razor for first time shavers because of its highly durable blade. For lifting and cutting your hair comfortably the manufacturer included a patented Super Lift and Cut dual-blade action. The dual precision head and shaving system are designed with sufficient slots and holes for effectively capturing and cutting both long and short hair.

Philips Norelco 4100 AT810/41

Skin protection is crucial while choosing a shaver for a teenager. For extra skin protection, it comes with a low friction head. The head automatically adjusts with the shape of your face because of the flexing and floating head design. For limiting skin irritation, its AquaTec technology helps while both in a wet and dry shave. Besides, the build-in popup trimmer can define your sideburns and mustaches pretty well.

You will have 50 minutes of cordless shaving if the Li-ion battery is fully charged. But, for a single shave, 3 minutes of quick charge is sufficient. You will get all power information on the LED indicator showing the charging level and low and high battery signal.

The entire package comes with the shaver, protection cap, power cord and a cleaning brush. You can easily remove stubbles from the head with the cleaning brush and finally rinse it under running water to make it like new.

Electric shavers cannot perform like new when the head gets dull. I suggest purchasing a brand new head from Amazon and replacing it every 12 months.


  • Cheap and highly durable
  • AquaTec technology
  • Long cordless shaving


  • It has no automatic cleaning and lubrication facility
  • This shaver is powerful but seems a little inaccurate

Features to consider when choosing a good electric razor for teenager

Choosing the best electric razor for beginners are very tough. They have not any previous experience and got confused easily. That’s why I mention few things that I strictly maintain and come up with this list.


When you are in a buying decision, this part is very important. Especially when you are a teenager, you must hold your electric razor correctly. If it’s not comfortably fit on your hands, you didn’t the accurate results. Also, you will be tried after a few cuts.

That’s why get your selves an ergonomic handle razor. You can grip it easily without any tiredness. Some electric razor has texture on the handle. These textured handles let you grip tightly and help you to avoid unexpected cuts.


Most of the people are looking for ultra-sharping blades. As a thin bearded person, you do not need this type of blades. You just need easy-going blades for a close shave.

It will be great if you go for a three or four blade system. Those blades help you to cut close on the face and its safeguard technology protects you from nicks and cuts. Also, you don’t need to go over on spot for multiple times. As a result, you can easily avoid skin burn and lumps. I will suggest users get Braun or Panasonic to test the experience like experts.

Flexible Heads

I always check those features before buying them. We have different facial structures as a human. That’s why companies now launching different types of electric razors based on user choice. Those electric razor heads can easily pivot and flex.

All top-notch razor companies now include that feature on their models. As a result, they can easily adjust to our facial contours. So you have to be careful about selecting your first razor.


Before you spend for a razor, you should know how you are going to use the shaver. People with skin sensitivity favor wet shaving for having extra moister. Besides, people in a hurry like dry shave for saving time. A waterproof shaver is a 2 in 1 game changer. Most of the renowned manufacturers produce entirely waterproof shaving machines. I prefer them due to their versatile shaving potentials. Owning a waterproof shaver let you shave with or without your favorite cream, foam and gel, even you can use them in the shower as well. I recommend not to waste money on leaky shavers.

Battery Life and Maintenance

Most electric shavers should provide you at least 40 minutes of cordless shaving. Don’t be a folly purchasing shavers that offer shaving timeless than this minimum time. Cleaning and maintenance can a bothering job for teenage users. I prefer purchasing shavers with automatic cleaning features like sonic vibration cleaning or auto-cleaning and lubricating station.

Simple tips to get the most out of your shaver

Most of the beginner shavers looking for a budget-friendly option. However, the shavers I recommended are ideal for all get started.

But, the basic razor doesn’t give you the high-end performance. You’ve to careful before the selection. Whatever electric shaver you use as a beginner, I like to share a few tips to better your shaving experience.

  1. Long and thick hair always a big problem for the basic razor. So you have not to compromise with this matter of choosing razor. Try to shave daily so that you can improve your shaving methods
  2. A dry shave liker can improve the closeness and comfort shaving using pre-electric shave lotion.
  3. It is mandatory to clean and lubricate the blades after each uses. In that way, your razor will in great condition and performing optimally.
  4. Most men love a wet shave. If your electric razor was designed for wet/dry, then give a try. It really works great for harsh skins.

Final Thought

When new beard starting to grow first time on your face which means you are ready to use your very first razor. As a beginner, you should care about your soft skin. Because, teenagers have different skin types. Probably your first shaving experience will not go smooth. So, you just need time to adjust the technique and other exclusive functionality.

That’s why I flashing all exclusive teenager electric razor models here. If you are ready to go for a best electric razor for teenagers, then don’t delay to pick the best one from above.