7 Best Electric Shaver Under 50 In 2021

Shavers are possibly the most desired and essential grooming tools for men. Nowadays, you have more options to pick the right shaver among manual and electric. However, manual shavers are not much comfortable compared to electrics. Even, they can be hard to use and can gulp your time. That’s why I am an aficionado of electric shavers. They save my time, provide pleasant shaving and avoid accidental cuts. Do you think that electric shavers are very expensive and you can’t afford them because of your limited budget? If so, I have researched for hours to discover the best electric shaver under 50 dollars in your budget. Almost every giant shaver brand designs and supplies decent quality rotary and foil shavers under $50. Read my review and dig up the right one for your daily grooming.

Best electric shaver under $50

Being cheap is not a deficiency. A cheaper electric shaver even can perform an excellent close and comfortable shaving. In this list, I have put down seven cheaper but efficient electric shaver you can purchase under $50.

Razor ModelRun TimePrice
SweetLF 3D IPX7120 Min
Philips Norelco OneBlade QP2520/9045 Min
Braun MGK3040 7-in-160 Min
Philips Norelco S1560/8135 Min
RoziaPro 5 in 160 Min
Phisco 2 in 1120 Min
Max T RMS 8101120 Min

1. SweetLF 3D IPX7

best electric shaver under 50 dollars

I am fascinated by this affordable electric shaver because of some exceptional features. This rotary shaver is equipped with extreme shaving systems that ensure super comfortable shaving without pulling and damaging beards.

You can wash the entire body of this budget shaver. This shaver comes with IPX7, an advanced waterproof system. The watertight facility makes it easier to shave in the shower using your preferred shaving cream, gel and foam.

For the easy trimming of mustache, sideburns and any facial hair, SweetLF provides a pop up trimmer. An easy one-touch opener is included to open the trimmer in a second.

Shaving time can be reduced if you have a shaver with maximum hair capturing advantages. The manufactured has furnished it with a double track cutter net that enhances contact surface while shaving.

The shaver features four direction 3D floating head that is able to rotate 360 degrees on skin. Besides, it becomes accustomed to the curves of face, jaw line, neck and chin automatically.

Though this electric shaver has a premium quality high speed motor, you will experience very low noise. This affordable electric shaver has a built in automatic grinding technology that sharpen the blades itself and remain the sharpness longer.

You have to recharge the battery 60 minutes to have 120 minutes of cordless shaving. And it needs a USB charger such as a computer, a power bank, a car charger or any other USB device.  For a single shave, a quick charge for 5 minutes is adequate. An LED is affixed to the handle containing 5 level battery remaining indicator. In short, this electric shaver is an ideal pick for daily use and traveling.


  • Totally waterproof
  • Long time cordless shaving
  • Includes advanced technologies at a cheap price


  • The grip could be better
  • No charger offered, a USB cable only

2. Philips Norelco OneBlade QP2520/90

Philips Norelco OneBlade QP2520-90

Do you still remember your favorite cartridge Razor? Then you must try Norelco OneBlade.  Philips has designed this cheap revolutionary shaver for men who like to put on facial hair such as stubble and beards. And everybody calls it OneBlade, not a shaver.

This affordable hybrid electric trimmer and shaver come with OneBlade shaving technology that combines a fast cutting mechanism (200X per second).

You can trim and shave any length of hair using its dual sided blade with defined edging. Its dual protection system provides an efficient and gentle shave on long facial hairs.

Philips includes 3 stubble combs for particular trimming. Use the 1 mm comb for a tight trim, the 3 mm comb for stubble and the 5 mm comb for long stubble style.

Your skin remains smooth after shaving because the OneBlade doesn’t go too close to the skin and causes no irritation. Besides, the OneBlade follows the curves of your face for providing a pleasant shaving experience.

The body of the trimmer is water resistant. So, you can use it in the shower and rinse it under running water for cleaning. You can replace the OneBlade cartridge as well. A cartridge seems to last up to 4 months for the best shaving capability. The shaver is powered by a NimH battery that delivers up to 45 minutes of cordless shaving after 8 hours of recharging.


  • Lightweight and handy design
  • Hybrid mechanism at affordable price
  • Multi trimming options


  • Takes long time for charging
  • Not good choice for close shaving

3. Braun MGK3040 7-in-1

Braun MGK3040 7-in-1

Braun is one of the giants in the electric shaver industry. This is not the only reason I am talking about Braun MGK3040 7-in-1. In a word, this one is an ultimate multi grooming kit and the best electric shaver under 50 dollars in the list.

Using this all-in-one cordless beard trimmer for men, you can make 7 styling jobs at home such as stubble, trimming at short, medium or long length, hair clipping and shaping, and body grooming.

The entire set comes with five attachments including 4 combs and brush, and a free Gillette body razor. The combs let you trim beards and facial hairs at up to 13 personalized settings. Enjoy trimming hairs at your desired length from 0.5 mm to 21 mm. Besides, the free Gillette body razor allows you grooming all areas of the body such as the chest, abs, underarms and groins.

The ultra shape blade of this cheap men’s shaver is made of high quality stainless steel that causes no hair pulling and tugging. For better performance and hygiene rinse the entire body under a faucet after every use.

After 8 hours of recharging, you will have 60 minutes of cordless shaving. Though the battery takes time to be fully recharged, it seems durable for using a long while. For avoiding accidental power failure, an LED indicator is fixed to the handle to inform you about the charging status.


  • Multiple grooming kits
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Free Gillette body razor


  • No travel pouch or storage bag
  • Takes a long while for charging

4. Philips Norelco S1560/81

Philips Norelco S1560-81

Did you know that Norelco was America’s number one electric shaver brand in 2018? The Norelco series is famous for combining elegant design as well as advanced features in affordable electric shavers. I have to admire that Norelco S1560/81 is a revolutionary creation of modern engineering in the shaving industry.

Though this one is a cheap model, it is well equipped with modern shaving technology like four directions (4D) flex head. Each head of this inexpensive rotary shaver moves independently and automatically captures the contours of your face, jawline, chin and neck.

The shaving provides an excellent close and comfortable shave of a long time. But, I suggest not using a shaving head for  more than 12 months if you want optimal performance continually.

Norelco is well known for skin protection equipment. It comes with protect-skin that causes almost no irritation. I am a big fan of its self sharpening blades that provides you a plausible close shave without pulling and tugging your beard. The Close Cut Blade system guarantees you a smooth outcome in every shave.

A precision trimmer is immensely important to perfect your look. You can accurately define and shape the mustache, sideburns and other facial hairs with the built in pop up trimmer.

Nowadays, almost every budget shaver is washable in the water. But, the struggle to open the shaver head is weary. For the Philips Norelco S1560/81, you just have to pop a button and the head will open like magic. Now rinse the head under any faucet, that’s all.

The shaver is powered by a durable Li-Ion battery that needs 8 hours of recharge to provide 35 minutes of cordless shaving. You can check the power status by the beeping LED fixed to the handle.


  • Advanced features
  • High quality self-sharpen blades
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Not a best choice for wet shave
  • Very poor cordless duration

5. RoziaPro 5 in 1

RoziaPro 5 in 1

RoziaPro 5 in 1 is another best electric shaver under 50 dollars on my list. This shaving machine is particularly engineered for men who want different types of facial hair style. RozioPro is a must try shaver if you don’t want to spend for a beard shaver only.

The 5 in 1 set includes a beard razor, a trimmer for sideburns, a hair cutter, a nose trimmer and a facial cleansing brush. Besides, there are three adjustable guide combs with 3mm, 6mm and 9mm claws for trimming facial hairs at your desired lengths.

For providing a precise shaving experience, this electric budget shaver features a four directions (4D) flex head where each head can move in 4 directions independently.

Moreover, the 3D floating head with 360 degree capturing efficiency can automatically detect the curves of your face and ensure precise and comfortable shave in every contour. It also features upgraded double ring 0.1 mm blades that cut hair smoothly without pulling.

You can use this inexpensive shaver for both wet and dry shaving, even in the shower. The whole body is waterproof with IPX7 protection that makes the cleaning very easy. Just disjoin the blades from shaver and rinse under running cold water.

I find the LED attached to the handle quite interesting. It informs you about the battery level numerically. The plug and battery sign let you know the charging condition. And, the tap sing reminds you that it’s time to clean your shaver!

You will need any USB power source to recharge the shaver such as a power bank or a computer. Unfortunately, they provide no USB adaptor. It takes 90 minutes to recharge the shaver for 60 minutes of cordless shaving.


  • Advanced and complete shaver
  • Detail and easy to read LED
  • Completely waterproof


  • Not recommended for corded shaving
  • Shaving duration could be better

6. Phisco 2 in 1

Phisco 2 in 1

Phisco 2 in 1 is my favorite electric shaver that is perfect for men of all ages. If you are looking for a truly grand gift for your father or boyfriend, pick this best inexpensive electric razor without thinking twice.

This 3D rotary shaver comes with 50% more wider coverage than a single track. Besides, the combination of self-sharpening V-type blades and precision head with double-track ultra thin (0.8mm) spherical cutter net deliver exceptionally smooth, close and sharp shaving. The shaving head features 3D 30 degree intelligent floating that adapts every curve of your face.

A pop up trimmer is offered to trim and shape your mustaches, sideburns and other facial hairs.

You might be used to the noise of cheap electric shavers. But, its powerful high-speed motor with 2800 RPM is unimaginably mute, even someone can take nap while shaving!

If a shaver with long lasting battery is your priority, I can’t imagine the best electric shaver under 50 dollars except this. You will have a long 120 minutes of peak power shaving after 1 hour recharging. Even, when you are in a hurry, it takes only 2 minutes of quick-charging for a perfect single shave. The shaver is powered by a long lasting Li-ion battery, rechargeable with USB devices or the USB adaptor offered with it.

The intelligent LED display includes charging indicator, battery status, cleaning reminded and safety lock indicator. It reminds you about the battery retention as well.

Enjoy both wet and dry shaves at home. This budget shaver is entirely waterproof with IPX7 protection. You can wash the whole body of the shaver under running water.


  • Shaver with the fastest quick-charge
  • Intelligent LED
  • Entirely waterproof shaver


  • Power switch is very sensitive
  • No additional grooming kit

7. Max T RMS 8101

Max T RMS 8101

Rotary shavers usually come with powerful motors. Some users are not interested in such shaver due to skin irritation and hair pulling. But, Max T RMS 8101 guarantees you a painless close shaving at an affordable price.

The high speed motor of this shaver is absolutely a beast with 2900 RPM. Even then, it makes very low noise and offers a painless smooth shaving. The ultra sharp blades with self-sharpening technology catch and cut hairs effortlessly without pulling and damaging the skin.

Each head of the four directions (4D) flex head can run independently. It also features 3D intelligent floating can easily understand the facial curves up to 360 degrees close to the skin. Moreover, the hypoallergenic dual-track cutter prolongs the contact surface for saving time.

The one touch opening pop up trimmer is equipped with upgrades double-blade which now offers more precise mustaches and side burns trimming.

If you are a traveler, you should try this inexpensive shaver. To avoid sudden activation on the way, it has a smart safety lock. Besides, after 2 minutes of incessant shaving, it will flash for 30 seconds for a cleaning reminder.

You will need a USB device such as a power back, computer or a car to recharge the shaver. It will take 60 minutes to get fully recharged and after that you can enjoy 120 minutes of cordless shaving. The smart LED will let you know the remaining battery as a percentage.

This cheap electric shaver is entirely waterproof with IPX7 protection. You never need to be worried to use it in the shower and washing the whole body of the shaver.


  • High speed and powerful motor
  • Special blades for painless shaving
  • Some smart features


  • Not ideal for close shave
  • Quick charge not available

What to look for before buying electric shaver under $50

Cheap shavers naturally lack advanced features. But, you can pick the most accurate electric shaver in this list simply following this checklist.

Head flexibility

Though shavers in this list are quite affordable, some of them feature amazing shaving heads. You should focus on the flexibility of a shaving head for the best skin contact. Some shavers under $50 are equipped with four direction shaving heads (4D) and they can move independently. A shaver with a flexible head can well-understand your facial contours and glide smoothly on your skin without irritation.


If you want to have excellent close shaving, a foil shaver is the perfect choice. Some shavers feature ultra-thin foils that ensure the maximum closeness. Besides, the type of blade is crucial as well. Some shaver comes with hypoallergenic close-cut blades that can capture and cut beards or other facial hairs from the closest touch possible. But, foil shaver will not provide you close shave alone. You have to perform a wet shave for the perfect outcome.

Travel friendliness

Traveling is people’s favorite hobby around the world. You need to be extra careful if you are a regular backpacker. First of all, the power system should be checked. Nowadays, almost all electric shavers can adapt to the international voltage standard which is between 220V to 240V. I even found some electric shavers that run by regular AAA (1.5V) size battery! Secondly, you should check if any carrying pouch is offered by the manufacturer. Though, you can purchase a spare carrying bag any time. But, the most important thing to consider is the size and weight of the shaver.

Battery life

I personally believe that an electric shaver should have 40 minutes of cordless shaving at least. There are some that deliver up to 120 minutes which is incredible. Another feature you should focus on the quick-charge feature. When you are in a hurry, a quick charge for 3 to 5 minutes lets you perform a single shave quite well.

Grooming accessories

Shavers with essential accessories are so cool for everyday life grooming. Some users don’t care about those kits. But if you are looking for an all-in-one, you should find shavers with multiple grooming kits. The package may include a variety of combs, trimmers, cleaning brush, nose trimmer, even body shaving razors. These essential kits help you trim and define mustaches and sideburns in a custom length.

Easy cleaning

Cleaning should not be a tough job. Generally, cheap electric shavers are suggested for beginners and they may not used to the perfect cleaning process. So, pick a shaver that is water-resistant and has a washable head that can be easily rinsed under running water.

Foil or Rotary

You should pick a foil shaver if you have skin sensitivity. Besides, foil shavers are great for a fast and close shave. Remember, foil shavers are usually louder and you may face a little difficulty while shaving corners of the jaw.

Rotary shavers are ideal picks if you have a very dense beard. They can capture and cut dense hair faster and can glide on jawline effortlessly. But, rotary shavers may not feel comfortable on the skin and they usually are not super precise at cutting.


Q: Can you really have a good shaver under $50?

A: Yes, absolutely. The price of electric shavers depends on included technologies and material quality. But, the basic shaving performance is almost the same either it is an expensive shaver or a cheaper one.

Q: Shave or Trimmer? Are they same?

A: They are not the same. If you want to shave off the beard, you have to purchase a shaver. Trimmers are designed to lop and define hairs at your desired length only.  They are not able to perform close shaves as a shaver.

Q: Do these shavers have Smart features?

A: No. Smart shavers are equipped with highly advanced technologies that are quite expensive.


Well, it’s time to decide. Which one is the best electric shaver under 50 dollars in your view? If you have already found it, it’s over. But, if you didn’t, here I am to hint! SweetLF 3D IPX7 is overall the best shaver here as I see. I would definitely pick the Phisco 2 in 1 for the incredible battery power with 2 minutes quick-charging facility. If you want to get off the shaver pulling and irritation, go for the Max T RMS 8101. Let me know which one you chose and why!