Shaver vs Trimmer : which one is right for you?

Statistics say that about 80% of men worldwide shave every day. Man and women are more inquisitive than ever about their personal grooming. People today really want to look good without unwanted hairs and a shaver or a trimmer is their best grooming mate.

Fundamentally, a shaver and a trimmer are the same things. But they have far more different usage and blades. In this article, I will dispose of the battle between Shaver vs Trimmer and clear up which one should you use.

What is a shaver?

A shaver is a personal grooming device you can use for a really close shave. A shaver also known as a razor can be electric or manual, though we will be discussing electric devices only.

Electric shavers are much safer and well built than manual razors. People use electric shavers when they need to cut hairs off at the minimum length.

German engineer Johann Bruecker invented an electric shaver in 1915 for the first time. But Col. Jacob Schick, founder of Schick Dry Shaver, Inc. patented their first electric shaver in 1930 and known for the pioneer of the electric razor. From that moment, we are using electric shavers for decades.

Shaver Vs Trimmer

Types of electric shaver

Both males and females use shavers in this age. You can find three types of electric shavers in stores.

Foil shaver

Foil shavers are popular worldwide because you can use them every single day without hurting your skin. They are very comfortable and suitable for users with sensitive skin. You can perform a very close and precise shave with a foil shaver that no hair can be seen.

Rotary shaver

Though rotary shavers are not suitable for all, they are a quite good choice for people with dense hairs. A good rotary shaver can glide corners of jawline more accurately than a foil shaver in both wet and dry shaves. In general, they are faster as well as quiter than foil shavers.


Epilators are particularly designed for women that keep skin fairly smoother for a long time after shaving. They are able to remove even the shortest hair on legs. Hairs shaved by an Epilator regrow softer and finer.

Consider before buying a shaver

  • Always notice whether it’s a foil or rotary shaver. Pick one that suits your skin.
  • Make sure either it’s a cordless or corded shaver. I highly recommend cordless shavers for travelers.
  • Check the battery life. A good electric shaver should provide you a minimum of 40 minutes of cordless shaving.
  • Consider the display and the information it shows on the screen.
  • Is it a high-end or smart shaver? You should have tons of accessories.
  • What about the after sale support? Confirm the warranty.
  • Confirm the maintenance process. If you are a busy guy, you should pick a shaver with the auto-cleaning system.
  • Is it a basic or high-end shaver? Basic shavers are an excellent choice when you are a starter.
  • Ensure if the shaver is waterproof, water-resistant or not at all. Waterproof shavers are great for shaving in the bath.

What is a trimmer?

A trimmer is practically an electric scissor used worldwide. They are able to cut your hair at a certain height only and not usable as a shaver.

A trimmer is designed including a cutter, a motor, a protection guard for safety and combs of different length so that you can detail your beard, moustaches and sideburns.

Though trimmers are less aggressive and powerful than a shaver, they are quite safer and gentle on the trimming surface.

Trimmers are very popular among men due to the flexibility of personalized hairstyles.

Types of trimmer

Trimmers have several variations that are designed for particular purposes. Picking the wrong trimmer can be inappropriate even cause damages on body parts.

Hair trimmer

Hair trimmers are also called hair clippers. They are packed with verities of combs for individual hairstyles. Individuals and professionals use them to apply numbers of short hairstyles like a buzz cut, crew cut, fade cut and more.

Beard trimmer

The name says it all. Some men really like to have a personalized style beard and this trimmer is the perfect choice for them. Beard trimmers are easy to use, require no shaving cream or gel and have no risk of skin damages like razor burn.

Bikini trimmer

Bikini trimmers are much safer than shaver, designed for women to remove hairs in sensitive areas like groin and underarm. They are more comfortable than Epilators and cause almost no irritation on the skin.

Consider before buying a trimmer

  • Make sure which type of trimmer you are going to buy. Don’t buy a hair clipper for trimming your beard.
  • Is it cordless or corded? Cordless trimmer will provide you superb flexibility.
  • Check the battery life if you buy a cordless trimmer.
  • Look into the quality of blades. Good trimmers should have great chopping blades.
  • Consider the combs and safe-guard in the box. Do they meet your requirements?
  • Verify that the trimmer fits your hand finely. A larger or smaller trimmer will make you uncomfortable while trimming.
  • Be careful about the warranty. Good brands always provide maintenance services.
  • It is a professional grade trimmer or for personal use? You really don’t need to spend extra bucks for using personal grooming only.

Which one is right for you?

The above point should clear up the differences between shaver and trimmer, and why they are used for. Both of the grooming tools are used for maintaining personal style. So, it totally depends on your purposes of using.

With an electric shaver, you can have a close and smooth shave. You should pick a foil shaver if you have very sensitive skin and would like to use it for a dry shave sometimes.

Alternatively, rotary shavers are the best choice when you have dense and fast growing hairs. Though they are less comfortable than foils, they can adapt the facial curves much better.

Pick a shaver if you want a fast and easy to use handy device for personal use. Either you shave dry or wet; a shaver will keep your skin clean and smooth.

You must need a trimmer when you want to have several ways of hair cut. For this very reason, trimmers are vastly popular for personal and professional usage.

When you are too busy to go to the saloon but need to have a complete hair cut with a precise style, a trimmer is a way to go.

Trimmers are the best alternative to scissors, come with different types of combs so that you can cut your hairs in diverse sizes and keep your moustaches and beard personalized.

Be careful about what you are investing in. buying the wrong product won’t help you at all.