Benefits Of Shaving Pubic Area Female

Have you ever considered either you should shave your pubic area or not? I am not going to talk about anything that sounds disgusting. Here I am just going to clear up the benefits of shaving pubic area female.

Pubic hair grows around our genitals, is the mark that someone has reached to her puberty and the sexual maturity is developing in the body.

Though we all have it, we don’t like it on our vaginal are for some reason. About 73 percent of males and 55.6 percent of females shave their pubic areas before sex because they consider pubic hair unhygienic.

The truth is entirely opposite and pubic hairs can be healthy in some cases. It even can protect us from viruses and bacteria belong to sexual behavior, and enhance useful microbes as well.

However, most of the women prefer shaving pubic area for personal and partner’s satisfaction. I would like to clear up whether there are any advantages of shaving pubic hair and crucial safety tips you need to follow.

Benefits Of Shaving Pubic Area Female

Why do you have pubic hair?

Pubic hair is completely natural and safe for our bodies. Most of the teens get worried when they experience pubic hair growth for the first time that they shouldn’t.

When we reach puberty, the level of testosterones automatically increases in the body. Testosterone is a sex hormone that is the primary need for developing muscular body and sexuality in every male.

The hormone is also essential for women and a healthy woman should have 15 to 70 nanograms of testosterone per deciliter of blood.

Our body naturally starts to grow pubic hair in the genital area when the level of sex hormones rises. Though we dislike the hair, our body grows it as natural protection of sexual organs against frictions, bacteria and harmful pathogens.

Is pubic hair unhygienic?

A survey shows that 59% of female shave shaved their pubic area because they believe pubic hair is unhygienic.

You may experience terrific odor, even pubic lice in a few cases if your pubic area remains dirty due to carelessness. Except for some petty issues, pubic hair is not unhygienic at all.

Several medical experiments evidence that pubic hair is a good substance for keeping vaginal temperature naturally. It also prevents irritation on the skin caused by frictions during sexual activities.

Moreover, some studies found that pubic hair can protect you from a number of sexually transmitted infections (STI).

All of the facts indicate that there is nothing wrong with keeping pubic hair, but you need to clean them frequently.

Is it safe to shave the pubic area?

Women apply diverse types of hair removing methods for cleaning the pubic area. Among all of them shaving, trimming and waxing are most popular worldwide.

Though shaving may weaken your natural bacterial and friction protection, it is totally safe to clean the pubic area by shaving if done right.

You have to be extra careful while shaving the pubic area to avoid common risks including razor burn, cuts, chemical burn, infection, redness etc. I will discuss the precautions that you need to follow.

Why do females should shave the pubic area?

Clipping pubic hair is a common practice among women and has been a grooming standard for years around the world. Most of the women and their partners believe that shaving pubic hair makes them more attractive.  Moreover, there are several reasons women should clean their pubic areas.

Odor eradication

No women like the bad smell caused by pubic hair. Generally, pubic hair can be one of the reasons for mellowing bacteria in the spot. Shaving the pubic area eliminates bacterial growth and reduces the bad smell.

Better looking

Though there are tons of logic to keep pubic hair, still they look nasty that all of us dislike. Study shows that the majority of female feel more beautiful and feminine after removing pubic hair. Even, a shaved vagina can provoke extra turn-on to her partner.

Personal freshness

You will definitely feel refreshed after cleaning the pubic area. Women who are used to shaving pubic area feel young, comfortable and more confident. Shaving pubic hair also helps them for better sex they believe.

Better intercourse

No men would like the bad odor and dirt on the vaginal area during intimacy. The clean and less-sweaty groin will make you more attractive and confident at that moment.

Cleaning up your bush can add extra spices during intercourse. It also makes your pubic area more sensual. Many females have shared their erotic experience and mentioned that they have had direct skin contact, better sexual sensitivity and more pleasure.

Some of them also point out the better feeling of touching the hairless vagina by their partners.

Oral pleasure

Almost all men dislike a nasty vaginal area that looks disturbing. But, they will offer an oral if your pubic area seems clean and hygienic. Removing those dirty hairs and a cleaner look will surely encourage your partner to invite you for an oral session.

Partner’s expectation

Pubic hair can be uncomfortable for your partner and they can expect a cleaner look as well. About 21% of women claim that they shave the pubic area because their partners want them neat. Men find hairless gentiles very attractive according to some reports.

Pubic area shaving safety

Shaving your pubic area requires extra caution. I will share some tips to make it easier and safer.

For a safer shaving on pubic area skin, you should have the following accessories:

  1. A comb
  2. A scissor
  3. Pre-shaving oil
  4. Suited shaving cream or gel
  5. A high-quality bikini shaver or razor
  6. Moisturizer

Follow the checklist before you shave the pubic area.

  • Prepare your pubic area skin by taking a hot shower before shaving.
  • Unlike bath, shower will make shaving easier.
  • Use some pre-shaving oil for a comfortable shave.
  • Always use high-quality and best suited shaving gel or cream.
  • Never try dry shave in the pubic area.
  • Use the best quality bikini razor or bikini shaver for removing pubic hair.
  • Use a hand mirror to check every pass.
  • Apply some aloe vera paste to soothe the skin after shaving.
  • Trim the hair with a scissor before you shave.
  • Always pass your shaver or razor in the direction of hair growth.
  • Hold the razor or shaver at 30 degree angle on the skin.
  • Stretch the skin tight to make the blade flow smooth.
  • Avoid aggressive motions and pass the blade slow.
  • Pick a shaver with sufficient safety features and skin protection.
  • Use antiseptic cream if you get a cut.
  • Wear 100% cotton underwear with no tight elastic band.

Suggested bikini shaver for pubic area

The pubic area is very sensitive, so you have to be extra careful before choosing the right shaver for your gentile. Here I listed my suggested bikini shaver for shaving pubic areas that should suit all kinds of skin. Before buying any product, please read the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully if the shaver is right for you.

The Philips SatinShave Advanced BRL140/50 is an award winning bikini shaver with hypoallergenic flexing foil that will take care of your extra-sensitive skin.

Panasonic ES2216PC is another wonder shaver for females, provides close and comfortable shaving with quick contour adaptability.

One of my top picks is Panasonic ES2207P which comes with ultra sharp blades and extra-thin foil that provides a close shave with minimal passes.

Final words

Have you ever tried shaving your bikini area? Though pubic hair benefits you from many perspectives, there is nothing wrong to cut them off. It is totally safe to clean the area following the mentioned points. Cleaning up the pubic area will make you look good, refreshed and attract your partner for more intimacy.